The Advantages of Solar Hot Water Service.

  • Get an 80 gallon hot water tank with a solar water heating system installed in your home.

  • Reduce your home's electricity usage right away.

  • Lock-in solar water heating for just $34.95 a month. 

  • Lakeland Electric will be responsible for maintenance of the solar water system for the entire term of the agreement. 

  • Have two forms of energy available for water heating - solar and electric. 

  • Be part of the energy solution by reducing long-term fossil fuel energy generation requirements.

An Easy Way To Make A Big Difference

With Solar Hot Water Service you can turn your home into an energy powerhouse that immediately uses less electricity than it did before. The time has arrived when you can make a clear choice for clean sustainable energy. Not only can you save money over the years, but because less electricity will be needed, you will be helping to maintain Lakeland’s environment for generations to come.

*Program available only for homes serviced by Lakeland Electric. 240-month solar hot water services agreement for $34.95/month, includes all applicable taxes; no security deposit or down payment required. Not all houses may be suitable for solar hot water.