Solar Hot Water System Overview

Solar Collector

A solar collector uses thermal energy from the sun to heat propylene glycol. It sounds complex, but it’s basically just a liquid that doesn’t freeze. The glycol is heated in the solar collector, in a closed loop process, and brought down to the water heater to warm your water. The water never comes in contact with the glycol, and the heat from the glycol raises the water temperature.

Even on hazy days, when the sun isn’t bright, there is an additional element to heat the water.

80 Gallon Tank

Most electric hot water tanks are 40 gallons. If you’re reading this then we just doubled your tank size to 80 gallons. The tank is also double insulated, meaning less heat escapes, and the water always stays hot.

If you sign up for the Solar Hot Water Program, Lakeland Electric will provide you with an 80-gallon solar hot water tank with an electric back up.

Lakeland Electric Makes Going Solar Easy.